Wholly smoke guys! thank you so much again for everything you did to transform our new place into our new home and to make this whole process a one in a life time experience that erin and i will not forget. it is way more than we expected. We were in shock yesterday and likely didn’t express all the emotions we were feeling on camera. There were so many touches with the design and layout that we didn’t fully appreciate until we went back later last night and i’m sure there is more we missed. Erin definitely broke down in the car after we left. So crazy to believe that is where we will be living. As great as the renovation was and our house now looks, the full experience with everyone over the last 7 weeks has been what really sticks out.


You guys have a great team, and we wish you continued success with the show. We were very fortunate to be part of it. Merry christmas! Have a great and well deserved holiday once your last reveal is over! Remember not to work too hard (like coco) and keep in mind drakes yolo moto.

-Erin and Adam Beaumont


Thank you for making the process of buying Croft as seamless as possible all things considered. Clearly there has been a significant “leap of faith” and quite a bit of work on both sides to make this happen. To date everyone we have dealt with at your firm has been open, honest and a pleasure to deal with. Annie and I are thrilled to be moving forward with you and your team in the same manner of collaboration. Please extend our sincere appreciation to Jerry and Shawn.

-Bob (College Lanes)


We wanted to thank you for meeting with us on Monday Oct 13, and for completing the renovation in such an honourably way. We appreciate how hard you worked for us during the entire process.

-Marline & Joe (Upper Forest Hill)


My wife and I have never been more impressed than with the Kilbarry team. If you are looking for top workmanship from true professionals, you will be glad you hired these guys. Their results speak for themselves…on time, and on budget.

-Linda and Will (Vesta Drive)

My although short, but eventful time with you all has been such a pleasure and a wonderful process, I have thoroughly enjoyed the daily interchange of ideas and wealth of experience shared together. My family and I are very happy with the work performed and the friendly teamwork that we want to keep this experience at a high point and maintain a promising experience for opportunities ahead. Upon completion, I would be very honoured to provide a recommendation or be a reference for future KHCL projects.


We had purchased a house without onsite parking and needed a front yard parking pad installed. After soliciting bids for the project amongst many contractors, we.selected Kilbarry Hill Construction to complete the work. Our experience working with their team has been fantastic. Professional, courteous and efficient are just three words I would use to describe our experience. The project was in line with our budget estimates and I am pleased to say we are ecstatic with the end results of the project.

-Mark & Hayley